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Friday 2 February, 2018

The Song Contest

This is read-to story for younger children or a self-reader for P2 and above.

It tells of a song contest between the Robin, the Song Thrush and the Blackbird.

Nearby the Skylark is listening to their efforts and she enters to contest uninvited.

If you wish to hear these birds singing, also download the MP3 file which is a compilation of

sound files provided courtesy of Auntie BBC.

Friday 2 February, 2018

Edinburgh Snapshots

This is a tale of our celebration weekend in Edinburgh, one of our favourite places now

made easily accessible directly from our local station at Hillfoot, a short walk from our front


There was no high drama, no contretemps, no hassles. Just boringly comfortable,

everything done at walking pace and very enjoyable it was too!

Had the weather been warmer, the sunshine brighter and the snell wind absent, it would

have been perfect.

But hey, it was the last weekend in January!

Thursday 11 January, 2018

The Magic Forest

This is a read-to story for pre-school and P1 boys and girls.

The story was told to me by my Ethan (age 4) who wanted to write a story for his big cousin Matthew (age 7) because Matthew had sent him a story called Fred the Seagull.

In this story you will meet a few familiar characters from fairy tales.

As usual the story is available to download as a PDF for your personal use.

For the first time there is also an MP3 version kindly read by Grandma Margaret.

Sunday 7 January, 2018

Piglets can Fly!

This is a wee tale of three little piglets who like to play hide and seek.

One little piglet has a magic wand.

Suitable as a ‘read-to story’ for under-5s.

Saturday 6 January, 2018

Matthew and the Zylonic Overlord

This story and its artwork came from Matthew Bonthron when he was newly 6 years old.

This story is about a brave and resourceful young man called Matthew MacMill. MacMill is the leader of a group of scientists and engineers who work at MacLabs where they invent clever devices for the benefit of mankind.

As a hobby, MacMill and his team of MRacers compete in the World Mountain Race (WorMRA) series, hoping to win the Platinum Salver.

Their main rivals are the Z-CARS, led by a Cyborg called ZED-ONE. The Cyborg is ruthless and will stop at nothing to win by adding illegal additives to his Z-PLAS fuel.

ZED-ONE never obeyed rules if they got in his way.

This fantasy tale is suitable for boys and girls aged 7 to 9 to read alone or as a ‘read-to story’ for younger children.

It is a long story with over 12,000 words. It is divided into 12 chapters and is perhaps best enjoyed over several sessions.

Saturday 6 January, 2018

Matthew and the Mystery of the Nordsea Trench

This story and its artwork was developed from discussions with Matthew Bonthron who was nearly 6 years old when he had this adventure with his friend Dominic.

The boys are in charge of Ocean Mission Control and have been ordered by the Prime Minister to investigate the Mystery of the Nordsea Trench.

This tale contains scenes of necessary violence required to deal with the Rogue Giant Squids and their evil companions the Malevolent Mutant Orcas.

At around 7,000 words it will take about 30 minutes reading time for 7 to 9 year-olds or as a ‘read-to story’ for younger children.

Saturday 6 January, 2018

Matthew and the Amphibios

The story line for this tale was developed in discussion with Matthew Bonthron (age 7).

The scenes are drawn from reality, based on a short holiday at Hoburne Holiday Park during August 2017. Hoburne is set in the midst of hundreds of flooded gravel pits which comprise the greater Cotswolds Water Park area.

The weather was warm and humid and we witnessed several massive thunder storms which created ideal conditions for the strange people called the Amphibios who live in the depths of Mallard Lake.

This story is suitable for boys and girls aged 6 to 9 to read alone or as a ‘read-to story’ for younger children.

Saturday 6 January, 2018

The Mighty Battle

This story was written by Matthew Bonthron (age 7) for his friend Edward (8).

It tells of a great battle between the Orks and the Bloodletters.

It is based on characters and locations from the Warhammer legends.

Matthew has recently become a big, big fan of Warhammer.

Saturday 6 January, 2018

Fred the Seagull

This is a story written by Matthew Bonthron (age 7) for his cousins, Ethan (4) and Drew (2).

Here we meet Fred and Seagull and Stinky Bob the grouchy fisherman who does not want any other people to visit his beach.

Wednesday 27 December, 2017


This is another Maisie Kaywood outing which reveals a different side of character.

Here we enter briefly into the world of of the medicine.

This is the revised version, posted after a third edit by my eagle eyed Editor, Kareth

Paterson. My apologies to readers who attempted the previous version before it was


Many thanks are due to Kareth for her diligence an fortitude.

Any remaining errors are all mine,

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